Edit This Logo Design

Edit This specialises in freelance social media editing, copy editing and proofreading.
indent was commissioned to create a bespoke logotype & micro-identity for the brand.
A signature-style approach to the logo added a quintessential human element to freelance editor Kim Gohl's service offering.
After editing and proofreading client's documents, the Edit This logo is a mark of approval, officially signed off and good to go!

A modern serif typeface was chosen to compliment the loose script-style logotype. Traditionally serif fonts are used in print publication due to the ease of character recognition at smaller sizes, making reading more pleasurable; and the sharp angular letterforms of Luthier add a necessary visual contrast to the overall brand identity.
Art direction and graphic design: Denton Pretorius
Type designer: Adrià Gómez | http://adriagomez.com/luthier-free-font
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