In response to the CO2 Global Poster Biennial invitation, indent design studio created a typographic composition exemplifying its own design philosophy, titled: Design Better.

The belief that good design can change the world stems from an objective understanding of what constitutes authentic value in graphic design and visual communication.
Design Better is a call to action for artisans to take conscientious steps in conceiving and composing more purposefully crafted work.
To inspire this message, two unique fonts were created:
1. Design embraced a modern, experimental font with its perpetual form set firmly in a calculated angular grid.
2. Better adopted its virtuous role through an under-stated, custom sans serif font, poised weightlessly within a spherical orb.
To commemorate the exhibition, 10 exclusive prints were created, individually numbered with a custom designed numeral.
Art direction and graphic design: Denton Pretorius
Photography: Vincent Raffray |

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