the studio

Customised, hand-crafted type.
Balanced, relentlessly considered composition.
Personalised, truly one-of-a-kind iconography.
Some call these lost arts. Theyre not lost.
Theyve just become harder to find since brands started prioritising time and conformity over authenticity and impact. Theyre easy to spot, though, if you throw a bunch of corporate identities together and ask anyone – trained eye or not – to pick the one that has weight. Meaning. Gravitas. Authenticity… Courage.
Denton Pretorius is a craftsman of identities.
Meaningful ones that live, breathe, and make statements that actually move the beholder.
For unique, custom typography, logo and identity development, crafted with great quantities of both relentlessness and care… indent™ design studio.
The Founder

From very young, Denton Pretorius was pushing creative boundaries, unlocking the infinite potential hidden within Lego’s colourful building blocks. Since then, he’s nurtured a healthy obsession with design aesthetic and attention to detail.
Today, a fixation with nuance, balance and minimalist visual efficiency results in meticulous logos and brand identities; with every visual component considered and finely tuned.
He believes that design serves an important function in society. That it should be intelligent, have purpose, and that it should add value to the world… That every aspect of the design process—from concept to production—should be managed with the utmost care.
It was this mindset that fuelled Denton’s 2013 founding of his own boutique studio, indent, where his punk-rock-inspired DIY ethic has consistently produced custom, bespoke designs that defy the constraints of passing trends.
Denton always has his bigger picture in mind: the creation of timeless design that rises above the mundane, leaving the viewer with no choice but to take notice.