indent was asked to create a logo for Grant McMullins side-project micro-brewery, McMullins.
The look and feel he envisioned was immediately realised through a few sketches and type study revisions which soon had the letters flowing with stylish interaction.
The letterforms maintained a sharp and rigid aesthetic with confident posture to balance the dynamic, lively swashes.

Every design project has some makeshift-numerology injected that gives the piece a little more depth and soul.
Particularly in this case a baseline angle of 18° was used, eighteen being the legal drinking age in South Africa.
A prevalent brand characteristic for McMullins is minimalism — from the colour palette to the lack of a holding device or pay-off line — and this had to be extended onto the bottle branding.
Simply running the logo vertically up the side gave it a remarkably distinguished and striking appearance.

Art direction and graphic design: Denton Pretorius
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