Goodtype is a prominent name in the online lettering community and decided to publish their first book, Goodtype The Book Volume One, documenting 196 global artists’ works.

It is an honour to have a page in this book alongside some of the industry's greatest.
The chosen piece was inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth and is titled: This Too Will Pass.
It visually exemplifies the adage that all experiences, both positive and negative, are merely ephemeral.

The interpretation of positive and negative is conveyed through each word embodying these forms in a spatial context.
Whereas the interconnected relationship between what we feel and think is real, to what truly is or might not be, is typographically realised through a balance of recognisable static shapes (type) embraced by an enchantingly dynamic visual language.

Art direction and graphic design: Denton Pretorius
Photography: Vincent Raffray |
Publication: Goodtype |
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