Hailstorm was conceived from the need for better, more effective radio-advertising.
One of the oldest mediums in advertising, radio seems more often than not neglected by creatives and agencies in pursuit of the latest digitally-interactive platforms.

However, radio accurately targets only one of the human senses: audition.
The proficiency of the storyteller to successfully stimulate the listener
s imagination and hold their attention within a brief moment in time requires a specialist. Enter Hailstorm, the Radio-Advertising Specialists.
The Hailstorm brand carries with it a strong duality theme stemming from the two directors personal contributions to the business, from the colour palette to alternating design layouts.
Noticeably evident in the business card design which elevates their left vs right brain authority in the layout.

Art direction and graphic design: Denton Pretorius
Photography: Vincent Raffray |
Type foundry: Monotype | http://www.fonts.com/font/monotype/gill-sans
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